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This site is just a fun little passion project so please don't judge it too harshly. I chose Astro & Solid because I wanted to try some new technologies, and not necessarily because they were absolutely the best technologies for the job. When I built the website for my wife's business, I chose a slightly more sensible stack (see the readme). I'm using this site as a technology playground where I can deploy the "move fast and break things" mentality.


Everything else (buttons, input fields, theming, animations, etc.) is hand-built! Feel free to check out the code on GitHub and please file any issues you might find!

The architecture decisions of the site will be discussed in a future blog post!

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Ethan Standel, Senior Software Engineer @ DEPTĀ®

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I graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a B.S. in Computer Science, and a minor in Electrical Engineering.