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For the time being, this site should be considered a very early work in progress (WIP), and not a representation of my definition of a "final product." To be honest, I don't know if I ever intend for this to be "production quality." I may just end up prefering to keep it as a playground where I can "move fast and break things."

About me

Hi I'm Ethan!


Headshot I'm a fullstack developer from southern Maine currently working for DEPTĀ® as a senior software engineer. I specialize in app performance, code readability, accessibility, and scalability for both enterprise and start-up scale applications. I generally specialize in JavaScript (or preferably TypeScript) applications, but I also love working and building in Kotlin, Go, and Elixir. I also love engaging with the OSS community when I know there's an idea I want to pursue or a bug I want fixed faster than I am patient!


I'm a husband and a dad to two very beautiful pups & one absurdly handsome cat. I also love doing shallow dives into dangerously deep hobbies like PC building, keyboard customization, VR, sim-racing, tennis, biking, hiking.